Excel Doubled My Income!!

Excel is one of the most powerful tools in business. In fact so powerful that I was able to double my income! I’m not joking about that either. When I first told my wife that my promotions came from Excel she laughed and then paused for a second to think about it and responded “Hmm that’s actually true. I could tell at first she thought I was joking or was trying to think of a reason of why it wasn’t true, but she remembered all my success stories which were all influenced by Excel. Granted I know there are other reasons that led me up the corporate ladder, but I would attribute 75% to Excel and 25% to other business factors. Everyone knows how to work hard and is generally knowledgeable at what they do. What separates the good from the great is having that “special something”. Excel is a life skill and used in a variety of jobs, so why not add that to your toolset, and best of all it’s FREE to learn.


I’ve worked at 3 companies of different sizes and trade, but each utilized excel in the same fashion and were consistent in how it was used. What first got my attention in the power of excel is that I noticed the people that kept getting promoted around me knew excel more than their peers. This was for a range of positions including VP’s, Directors, Junior and Senior levels. Another funny thing I noticed was that once you hit Executive level you don’t need computer skills. Every CFO/CEO I’ve worked with only had one monitor and typed by pointer finger. I always had a good laugh at that, but let’s not forget they have plenty of other skills.


I want to make this short and sweet, so I’ll cover the 4 areas used most that make the biggest impact found in the Learning section. Once you know these I guarantee you’ll know more than your peers! I get excel questions weekly and I’m shocked every time at what people don’t know.


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