Excel in Personal Life

Not only can excel be successful in the workplace, but it also succeeds in personal situations. I’ll go into more detail with specific scenarios in other posts, but this will be an overview of what I use it for and the outcome.

The biggest use of excel has been for budgeting and finance reasons. I have a monthly budget that includes all expenses and even the schedules of loans I have outstanding, so I know exactly where my finances stand. I also added in future months of where things would happen so I know precisely what my cash flow is at the end of each month. This was great for goal setting and tracking. There are plenty of great apps, but I figured this way I can build it how I want to see it, and it has more features that an app wouldn’t all at a cost of $0 which made it even better! Its been said the best way to be financially fit is to track and manage every spend to the tee. If you aren’t aware of what’s going on you won’t even care about that coffee you buy everyday that adds up to $1500 yearly. My time commitment is 1 hour a month to enter my expenses after the month and review what happened. Just by doing that I’ve saved thousands every year. I’ll say that again… That’s 12 hours a year to save thousands! Last year I set to save $10,000. I ended up saving that and more. That’s almost $1000 per hour that I spent making that happen. Remember what Benjamin Frank said – “A penny saved is a penny earned”. I definitely felt richer after that year.



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